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Student Science Laboratory Safety Guidelines


Regarding YOU

Do not wear loose, baggy clothing, roll up excessively long sleeves, and avoid sandals and open-toed shoes as much as possible.  

       Tie back long hair and loose clothing as much as possible.  Remove loose jewelry during lab activies.

Wear gloves, aprons and safety goggles as instructed.  Goggles must be worn whenever heat, chemicals or glassware is used. 

      Wear goggles through the activity, including clean up and handwashing, to prevent accidental spills and splashing.

Do not use flammable hair or beauty products just before or during an activity where an open flame is used.

NEVER eat food, candy or gum OR drink anything while in lab.

Do NOT inhale vapors or taste, touch or smell any chemical or substance unless instructed to do so by the teacher.

There is absolutely NO horseplay (fooling around, pushing, etc.) during lab activities.

Regarding Your Work

 Read all instructions before beginning a lab activity.  Ask questions if you do not understand the procedure or the safety rules.

 Follow the procedures given.  Do NOT perform any additional experiments.  Do NOT substitute chemicals for one another, or mix any 

      chemicals unless you are told to do so.  If diluting a chemical (especially acids or bases) always add the chemical slowly to the water, not vice versa.

 Remain at your assigned work area unless given specific permission to leave it.

 Handle living organisms or preserved specimens with care and respect and only when authorized by your teacher.    

 Never take materials or chemicals out of the classroom.  Do NOT enter storage areas, including cabinets unless you are instructed to be there 

       and are supervised by the teacher.

 NEVER work alone in the laboratory.

 Do NOT point heated containers (test tubes, etc.) at yourself or anyone else.

Regarding Your Supplies and Equipment

 Do NOT handle equipment or supplies without permission. Use equipment only as instructed.

Be careful when using sharp instruments.  Do not point them at anyone. 

Never used chipped or cracked glassware.

Use electrical equipment carefully.  Never use electrical equipment near water.  Always unplug electrical equipment as soon as you are 

      finished using it.

Regarding Accidents and Emergencies

  Inform the teacher immediately of any accident or injury, including small cuts, malfunctioning equipment, breakage or chemical spills, even if 

      they seem trivial.

If a chemical spill occurs in the eye, the eye must be flushed with water for a minimum of fifteen minutes. 

  Follow the teacher’s instructions in an emergency situation.  Know rules/location of safety equipment in your lab.

Regarding Cleanup

Carefully dispose of waste materials (chemicals) as instructed by your teacher.  Do NOT return unused chemicals into the original container.

Wash glassware and other containers according to the teacher’s directions. Do NOT immerse hot glassware in cold water. Return all materials 

       to the correct location.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water after any activity with chemicals, live or preserved specimens.  Turn all knobs slowly when using 

      sinks to avoid splashing and spraying chemicals.

Disinfect the goggles before returning them to their drawer.  Disinfect the lab table before you leave it. 



Student Science Laboratory Safety Contract


_____ I have read the handout “Student Science Laboratory Safety Guidelines.”


_____ I agree to follow the teacher’s directions for all laboratory activities, both oral and written, to ensure the safety of myself, my classmates 

           and my teacher.


_____ I agree to take good care of the equipment used, and to not damage any of it purposefully or be wasteful with the materials. 

           This includes glassware, chemicals, appliances and lab furniture.


_____ I agree to act responsibly at all times, not to horseplay and to carry out good housekeeping practices (clean up after myself).


_____ I agree to protect myself by wearing the appropriate safety equipment and to notify the teacher of any accident or injury. 


_____ I will not drink, eat food or chew gum in the laboratory.



I, _____________________________ (print your name) have read and initialed the above statements and understand the safety rules. 

I understand that these agreements are necessary to ensure the safety of everyone in the laboratory.  I understand that failure to follow these rules

and guidelines jeopardizes the safety of myself and those around me, and will likely result in disciplinary action.  I agree to abide by them at all times

as well as any additional safety instructions provided by my school district or teacher. 


____________________________________________________       __________________________

Student Signature                                                                                      Date



I understand that safety in a science classroom is necessary in order for the laboratory activities to occur successfully.  I acknowledge that my 

child/ward has signed this contract in good faith. I agree to support the disciplinary actions of the teacher or school if my child/ward knowingly

acts in an unsafe manner in the laboratory. 


____________________________________________________       __________________________

Parent Signature                                                                                       Date


*Failure to return this form in a timely manner will result in sitting out of laboratory activities and receiving zeros for those grades.

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