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Class Syllabus

Mrs. Wandell's Science Class

Foster Middle School

2009-2010 School Year

Kimberly Wandell
(918) 746-9500
Room 217

Plan period: 1:35-2:15
Websites: Http:// (click staff members and my name)


Science Explorer Series, Prentice Hall, Pub., 2006, copyright 2007

Texts will be assigned and we will have a class set for use in the room. Students may take their assigned text home for use with homework and study

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Spiral Notebook (one per quarter)
Folder (pockets/brads)
Loose Leaf paper
Vented Goggles (to be left in classroom or locker)

Course Description

A hands-on-approach to the study of science, including physical science, life science and earth/space science. Students will use a variety of materials to explore the various science concepts.

Teaching Methods

Much of the class will be cooperative learning groups doing labs/activities. There will be demonstrations, lectures and presentations. Students are expected to keep a running glossary of terms in their notebook as well as other various notes and drawings.

Classroom Rules

Be respectful, be ready and be responsible. You need to be in class, with materials ready to start when the bell rings. You must respect the teacher, the classroom and your classmates. You need to take responsibility for your messes and supplies. Purses, bags, gum, phones and large binders are not allowed in the classroom. I expect the class to follow the Community Guidelines that are posted in the classroom. Three restroom/hall passes are given in a 9 weeks period, additional passes will cost a consequence. Consequences include, but are not limited to: detention, paragraphs, staying after to clean up, call home to parents and scraping gum off tables. Make wise choices.


You are expected to attend class. Attendance is taken at the beginning of class and if you are not in the door, you are late/absent. Any student who is tardy 4 times will be required to serve an hour of detention or write paragraphs. Attendance is very important, studies have shown the students who are in class perform better on state standardized tests. Although you can make up the work, it doesn’t compare to the benefit of being in class and receiving the instruction.


Grades will come from tests, quizzes, labs, class work pages, group projects, vocabulary

notebook and the science fair project (3rd quarter). I reserve the right to add other items that will be graded as they come up. Your work needs to be turned into the tray with your hour's number beside it.

I will provide grade printouts that I will post on the chalkboard, you are responsible for checking your grade to make sure you have turned I all assignments and have received credit for them. Completed and graded work will be returned into the bin for your hour, you will need to check it often to retrieve graded work. If a problem arises with your grade, you will want to have the paper to refer to so keep them in a safe place until you are sure you don't need it.

Grade Scale

A= 90-100%
B= 80-89%
F=59 and below


Homework will be assigned if work is not finished in class and it is due the next day. On occasion I give other homework, but not often. If a student has an extended absence, we will work out arrangements to make up the missing work and will be handled on an individual basis.

Labs and Group Projects

Group projects and labs are completed and graded together. All those participating and contributing get the grade. Labs and group projects that are missed due to absence must be made up before or after school within a week of the day missed or a zero will be given. It is the students responsibility to schedule a make up time. Due to the rotation of materials, it is not possible to do a lab later than this.

Science Fair Projects

All students are expected to turn in an original science fair project during the 3rd quarter. The students will be giving plenty of class time to set up the project and do research. A very detailed packet will go home closer to the time of the project. The majority of the 3rd nine weeks grades will be taken from the project


If a student is caught cheating or copying another students work, then both students will receive a zero. Integrity is important and expected in my class. Even in group assignments, students are responsible for doing their portion of the work.

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