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Q: How many bones are in the body?
A:  206.

Q: Who is known as the father of genetics?
A: Gregor Mendel.

Q: What type of letter is used to represent a dominant trait in a genotype?
A: Capital.

Q: What type of plants did Mendel us for his genetic experiments?
A: Pea Plants.

Q: If a pure bred black rabbit is crossed with a hybrid black rabbit, what are the
    chances of the offpring having white hair?
A: 0%.

Q: What is the study of heredity?
A: Genetics.

Q: Which term refers to the physical appearance of a trait?
A: Phenotype.

Q:  Which one does not belong: barracuda, boa, anaconda, cobra?
A:  Barracuda.

Q: What do you call a group of tissues that work together on a specific job?
A:  Organ.

Q:  Which organ in your body produces bile?
A:  Liver.

Q:  Which of your teeth are designed for grinding food?
A:  Molars.

Q: What do we call an animal that eats plants?
A:  Herbivore.

Q: How many legs does an arachnid have?
A: 8.

Q: What are animals without backbones called?
A: Invertebrates.

Q: In which layer of the atmosphere does weather occur?
A: Troposphere.

Q:  What is the term for maintaining a stable internal environment?
A:  Homeostasis.

Q: Animals that maintain a constant body temperature are called?
A: Warm-blooded.

Q: What vessels return blood to the heart?
A: Veins.

Q: Mass divided by volume is called?
A:  Density.

Q: What type of measurment is used in the scientific community?
A:  Metric.

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