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Twelve Words  to make test taking a breeze

These 12 words are the ones that mess people up the most when taking a test. If you don't understand what is being asked, you can't give the correct answer.

1.Trace – Follow up, step-by-step, from the beginning to the end, list the steps.

2.Analyze – Take apart, tell me the good and the bad, break it down.

3.Infer – Read between the lines, make an educated guess, what do you think they are really trying to say?

4.Evaluate – Rate, grade, score or judge it.

5.Formulate – Create, come up with, build, show me in words what it means.

6.Describe – Paint a picture in words, tell me all about it.

7.Support – Back it up, prove it, give me the reasons, give me some facts.

8.Explain – In your own words, tell me about it, give your opinion

9.Summarize – Recap in a few sentences, give me the main ideas in a few sentences

10.Compare – Tell how all the things are alike.

11.Contrast – Tell how all the things are different.

12.Predict – Give me your best guess, look ahead and tell me what you think will happen.



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